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    I have found it worthwhile but not so much because of following her trades. She does a lot of instruction there as the market moves during the day, gives a useful recap to setup the next day, and opens the day witha review of the techinncal condiiton of the market--a game plan for the day.

    Combined with the seminar it makes for an excvellent learning combo. If you didn';t do the seminar, then I'd suggest thorough reading of StreetS,marts, the articles on her website, and reviewing the charts she posts there (free). the more of her lingo you have, the easier it is to absorb the chat room.

    Just last month she added a parellel chat room where members can chat with each other. About 20 people there, 5 or 6 participate. In her main room only Linda and her assistant can post. the second room actually is quite helpful because everyoine there is mainly using her methods. People post some of their trades but more importantly alert eachother to setups in ticks, SP, ND, DJ, bonds.

    Linda focuses mainly on SP futures bgut also comments on a few stocks, as you 'll see on her chart pages.

    When I attended the seminar, one guy was there for the 3rd time and he seemed to be credible as a trader. Said he learns something every time. Another guy has been in the chat room for 18 months. that's extreme but it gives you some idea of her impact on some people anyway.

    Today and every first trading day of the months is free to anyone. Try that, read the stuff and see if it fits your style.
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    Thank you very much for the thorough summary. Sounds fascinating, and like I said I was mightily impressed.

    Missed this month (1st day freebie) but will put it down on my calender for next month.
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