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  1. Greetings Everyone,

    Anyone planning to attend the Linda Raschke Trading Workshop in San Francisco?

    Has anyone attended one of her workshops before? Any comments about it? Worthwhile?

    I liked her book Street Smarts, and she has the reputation as knowing what she's doing as a trader, so it seemed that it might be worthwhile.

    Here's the link for more info, in case you're interested.


    - Punter
  2. Hoyler


    Hi Punter,

    I attended LBR's "Trading My Way" in '96, It was outstanding & a large part of my success. She is dynamic and motivating. Sharing many little known market idiosyncrasies at the time. You should know that she is primarily a piecemeal trader, comfortable with lots and lots of bunts, singles, and doubles, because she plays the "game" in a conceptually correct manner the occasional triple and home run falls in her lap.

    Her primary focus was on the futures markets, especially the SP 500. Although the price/oscillator patterns work on everything. She drove it home to me that a trader needs only "one" pattern to be successful - Now that one pattern is programmed across multiple timeframes. She is likely to share her latest research into volatility/patterns/sentiment/trends/and extremes.

    We came away from the Chicago seminar with her latest ideas on disk programmed for Tradestation. I wish you well if you attend. Her SumRoc, Critical Day Index, & Impulse meter are unique ways of capturing volatility and it potential for expansion.

  3. Magna

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    Having just seen Linda at the Anaheim Trading Expo I came away completely impressed with her knowledge, willingness to describe portions of her methodology, and most profound understanding of the rhythms of the various markets. She kept referring back to commodities so that may be her current focus, but she effortlessly weaves in 'n out of all markets. BTW, of the 36 speakers at Anaheim her's, by far, had the largest attendance.
  4. tradex21


    If you don't have at least $25,000.00 in your account, with the new rules any money spent for any type of active trading lessons is a waste. Your time will be better spent at antique shows.:mad:
  5. JEJ


    I attended the workshop in NYC in May. Excellent. I also have subscribed to here realtime chats room, April thru present. Together they have improved and simplified my trading immensely. Mainly I trade SP and bonds. The manual is very comprehensive so makes for an excellent refresher reference afterewords. BTW--I noticed one person taped the entire w/s which would make a lot of sense. Linda goes not stop so a tape would be good.
  6. Turok


    >If you don't have at least $25,000.00 in your
    >account, with the new rules any money spent
    >for any type of active trading lessons is a waste.
    >Your time will be better spent at antique shows.

    Since Linda is a absolute expert trading the S&Ps, minis, etc. none of which require 25K, I would actually suggest that the exact opposite might be true.

  7. tradex21


    Turok Good point! Linda is actually more of a commodity trader then a stock trader.:cool:
  8. isn't $2500 a bit steep ? I know the going rate for prime trading
    seminars have not *yet* followed the nasdaq..shoot she can
    make a great living on seminars - why bother risking your
    coins on futures....(just envy talking)
  9. JEJ


    I agree with the skepticism about seminars. Her's is the only one I've attended for just that reason--I assumed I
    d get screwed.

    But I've concluded she can do it all--trade her own money well, run money, operated a chat w 70 people in it every day at $350 per month and do value-added seminars.

    Makes me sick to see someone that talented :)
  10. Magna

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    operate a chat w 70 people in it every day at $350 per month

    Are you currently in Linda's chat, and if so, how useful have you found it? Mostly about commodities? I was so impressed when I saw her that I might consider it for a brief run.
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