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    She is holding a 1 day seminar at Trader's Expo in Ft. Lauderdale. Has anyone attended her 1 day seminar? When? Is it worthwhile?

  2. What others get out of a seminar is really irrelevant, it's what you get out of it that's important. Linda is a solid researcher, and is successful, you should be able to learn something of value from her.

    My guess, is that you will see a few posts bashing Linda, her trading style, her high cost seminar and more. Just consider the source before drawing conclusions.
  3. Only downside is that it is $795 for the whole day lol....

    Other downside is that I am also a speaker there as well (but one of the free breakout sessions of course, not paid lol).

    I hear so much about her I was tempted to do it until I saw the price. Too much money for curiosity :D
  4. Hi:

    I noticed this post as I was puttering around the house.

    I have posted my opinion of Linda a few times. In my opinion she is good people, and likes to see her students succeed. She is a solid professional with a breadth of experience that most do not have.

    I paid $795 to attend a one day seminar many (don't ask how many) years ago. I kept the manual to this day. It would not interest me now. But it would be a good starting point for a newbie. So if you already have a winning game, this may not be right for you. If you are not "there yet" this might help. Ultimately it is a roll of the dice I guess. As a relatively new trader without a winning game, I learned a lot from her seminar and from her chatroom.

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    Sorry, I found the receipt (in my manual) and the true cost of her seminar was $695 and that was #^%$ years ago:D
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    LBR is one of the respected and proven names in the trading industry. Recouping $795 from her advises would only be a matter of trade or two.
  6. My problem is I am primarily an index trader and I assume she mainly trades stocks. again I am assuming. I would not want to sit through an all day seminar on looking for stocks and set-ups if it is not relevant. Can anyone shed light on this cause I am kind of interested in what she has to say.....
  7. Save your money. Yes she is a great trader and yes she is a very nice lady but the content of her seminars is readily available on the net and in magazines and I suspect that most of you need the money more than she does.
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    You think by going to a few seminars your going to learn how to trade?

    She may show you a few decent setups, but it wouldn't matter if she showed you the holy grail, most ppl will figure out ways to screw things up.

    You want to know what it takes to make it in this business? Well here it is, you have to be pain tolerant, ie be able to take it up the "ASS" for a while until you figure out how to make money and even then its a pain in the ass. And even if know what do, you might not have the capitilizaton to make decent money or survive.

    Now you may all go back to fucking eachother over in the markets.
  9. i attended her one day seminar in nyc in feb. i paid the early bird special of 695...still not cheap either(it's rent money to me)...but since everyone was raving about her i thought i would spend the money to see what i was missing...the seminar was very disappointing(in my opinion)....she said bascially what could have been found on her website,book and online seminars that you can get on line. you should check out the 3 marketvu seminars she has done in the's mostly that on the seminar!
    if you are looking for something *new* it's not there.
    if you don't trade e-minis or futures, then in my opinion, it's a waste of time since she only trades those instruments 90% of the time.
    i remember some guy said "what's an emini?" to her in the seminar... :eek:
    i would have liked an advanced class...she used to do a 3-4 day seminar in florida years ago but that was before i got into this game...

    have you ever signed up for her services from her website? you might want to spend the 700-800 bucks there and get a years worth of education from her than a one day seminar...i would do it but i have a day job...i trade eminis during the job :D

    also, attend the chris terry class at the's very good!

    the box lunch from the hotel was crappy... bring some snacks.
  10. I trade the E-minis and more out of curiosity want to hear her speak but I hate paying big money to hear someone talk for the obvious reasons already stated in the Queen's English by Ozzy. :D

    I doubt there is enough on her to make me spend the $795 but still curious.
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