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  1. I have her book and video and I use several of her techniques, they are great but does anyone have any experience with her live forums?
  2. Only recommeded for those who can't get there with the book alone.

  3. I don't know but I have remarked that her firm is very active in marketing directly their seminars on french and uk forums which seem to be more tolerant for advertisement than US forums so if she want to do so she must use some tricks :D

  4. Harry you are the funniest guy !!!!

    I have made several posts about various topics and each time you see some kind of conspiracy even though the topics are completely different.

    LOL ..... :)

    Take a break .... we all appreciate your watchfulness but Im really just looking for some feedback about her forums....thanx
  5. I have observed Linda's workshops, and she and I shared an email forum a few years ago on PureBytes...and, even though, BT is not a major futures firm, But Bob and I have traded Spoos for decades...I found that she knows her stuff real well.

    She fits into the "real" category....I think she may charge a bit much, but if you can add to your trading skills, it may be well worht it....and again, she is one of the few who actually "practices what she preaches."

    This is from Don....(legal stuff: BT does not endorse any trader for any reason).

    Maybe she'll join us in Denver for the Professional Trading Tour...

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    As a small aside, her name is Linda Raschke (Bradford is her middle name).
  7. I spent a few months in Lindas room. I really believe that if you have the patience to spend a couple of months learning the routine then have the patience to wait for her calls you could make a living if thats what your looking for.
  8. Her latest article is a gold mine. If you're an intraday trader and can master the concepts described therein, then go make some money. Many times I read her material and my reaction is dammit why did you reveal that. That's the real test.
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    Heard a few years back that she had a losing year. Would like to know if she has ever posted any annual brokerage statements. Not trying to rain on the parade, it's just so nice to see some kind of validation.

  10. Do you have a link?
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