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  1. Tea


    Linda Bradford Raschke's web site is back up.
    Its been down for 6 months, a year.......revamping. Some good stuff for free.
  2. The symbol of all relationships among rational men, the moral symbol of respect for human beings, is the trader. We, who live by values, not by loot, both in manner and in spirit. A trader is a man who earns what he gets and does not take the undeserved. A trader does not squander his body as fodder or his soul as alms. Just as he does not give his work except in trade for material values, so he does not give the values of his spirit - his love, his friendship, his esteem - except in payment and in trade for human virtues, in payment for his own selfish pleasure, which he receives from men he can respect. The mystic parasites who have, throughout the ages, reviled the traders and held them in contempt, while honoring the beggars and the looters, have known the secret motive of their sneers: a trader in the entity they dread - a man of justice.

    Atlas Shrugged
  3. lescor


    According to this, a specialist isn't a trader.
  4. Aaron


    Why is this Ayn Rand quote here? Is Linda Bradford Raschke an objectivist?
  5. BCE


    Thanks Tea. It was down yesterday. Thought maybe it had been hacked. When you brought up the homepage it just said, "Hi". :)
    BTW, I thought you had retired. I was asking, "Whatever happened to Tea?" and they said, "Oh, he made millions selling his Paul Tudor Jones tape and moved to Fiji." Or maybe you did move to Fiji and are retired. Hmmmm. :)
  6. She's on a mostly Libertarian email discussion list with me.
    More likely than not she holds Randist beliefs.
  7. Tea


    Not retired yet, but thanks for inquiring.

    My latest scheme is to sell my back copies of Active Trader for $1000 a copy.
  8. Foz


    I've never heard the term "Randist" before. Is it distinct from "Objectivist"?