Linda Blair is posting on ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by forex-forex, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Linda Blair is posting on ET, she needs the income from trading to make up for her acting career .
  2. Her 360 view of world trading should make her millions! Thats her edge.
  3. who needs any other edge than beelzebub whispering in her ear?

    :p :p

  5. If Linda Blair gets real hard up, maybe she could start a website charging money to show interesting and creative uses of the crucifix.....:cool:

  6. Maybe she could dance around like a chicken and yell
    'Pluck Me'
    'Pluck Me'
    'Pluck Me'
  7. what we're witnessing is a complete collapse of sociological breakdown in the trading forum. This is legendary. Thank you Cramer! You did it!!
  9. It was Wednesday that did it
    You could hear the snapping from a mile away
  10. no, it was the guy that played Arnold Horseshack.
    #10     Jan 26, 2008