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  1. Very expensive. And very bad service.:mad:
  2. Can you elaborate on your service comment?

  3. They were good until some years ago...

    - they have missed the online revolution
    - they were bought by Refco and service has been quite bad since then indeed
  4. it is the commissions ( much higher for e minis than the likes of IB

    or other electronic trade platform brokers )

    perhaps their fx division can compete with the likes of gain capital
  5. chessman

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    I opened an account with Lind-Waldock in 1986, traded with them for almost 15 years. They had one of the best order desks and customer service was great, I think after Barry Lind left or sold out to Refco things just went down hill.

    Its interesting how companies come and go, I don't know why they just could never develop a competitive online system. A good example of a company that failed to keep pace with changing markets...
  6. Biog



    I traded with them from '97-98, just horrible customer service. Would never recommend them.
  7. BigMike


    I interviewed with them for what was supposed to be an fx prop-trading position back in 1998. Since I have both a finance and c.s. background, they told me that before i started trading I would have to build a front end system for them and then start trading small after that. I left the interview with the impression that there never was a trading position there, just a need for some tech development. Needless to say, I passed on this "opportunity" and have had a sour taste about them ever since.

    That is all.