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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by enkidu, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. enkidu


    what do you think of it??? they're probably really reliable.

    also, what do you think is the most dirt cheap broker in terms of futures commissions??? (that won't screw you over too much, I don't need technical support but I don't want too much slippage)
  2. Not sure about Lind Waldock, but I believe they are owned by MAN, and I have heard some shitty things about them. Sorry I dn't have much more to offer than that.

    As far as cheapest commissions, I'd say IB is your best bet. I don't think anyone can beat them, unless you're some major scalper with huge size and have some sort of custom schedule set up...but for a plain Jane retail trader, IB has the lowest to my knowledge.
  3. cszulc


    You'd have to call them to get a commission schedule customized to you. I was quoted $5 r/t for 30-40 sides a day and opening with $25k, which is not bad for a discount broker with full-service available. See what they offer.
  4. Anyone will give you under $5 with no volume requirements. If you do 30 sides a day, you can get $4 IMO.

    For what it is worth, years ago LW were advertising a free booklet on futures trading. I called up, and the guy asked if I was ready to open an account NOW. I said no, I just wanted the book, and he wouldn't send it to me. They sound like a bunch of wolves if you ask me. Look around at other brokers IMO.
  5. bump.

    I keep getting calls from these guys, and seeing their AD on TV. Are these guys better or worse than some of the other brokers like OEC futures, and velocity?