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  1. Thanks for posts. I was just checking out Tradestation's futures commissions and a footnote says:

    "Rates shown are per side, per contract; however, charges will be on a roundturn basis"

    What does it mean 'on a roundturn basis?' If I buy a contract, futures or options, and hold to expiration, am I getting hit for the roundturn commission? That would be a distinct negative in my view.

    You might think I could call the 1-800 number for this but I live overseas folks & would hate to run up my bill w/ calls like that. Kindly indulge my query.
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  2. One


    From your second link, do you know what the category "security futures" refers to (1.99/side)? I suspect it might include pit traded fixed income securities and equity indices, but would like to confirm. Already have had an email in to TS for several days regarding a software matter so was hoping someone here might be able to give a quick answer.

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  3. BlueHorse,
    Unless you're a hedger, you don't want to have your future contract runs into expiration and get called. A future contract is not exactly same as an option contract.

    I presume that 99.99% of us here are speculators, we always close our future contract position before expiration.
    We don't want this phone call :
    "Hello, sir? do you want your 42K gal. of heating oil delivered to you via barrels or pipeline?" :D

    Cheers!! :)
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  4. Well, thanks for absolutely nothing doji. Don't suppose you've run across cash-settled futures? Why do I want to pay round-turn commissions if I'm happy to see it cash-settled at expiration? If the point must be made, my question relates primarily to options-on-futures, short positions on which I am quite happy to see expire worthless ...
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  5. it seems security futures are ssf?
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