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    New member asking why the above broker, which I thought was the largest commodities broker; is not listed in Broker's review. Currently trading e-mini Russell 2000 contracts and looking for a fast trading platform. Currently with PFG using Best Direct platform and not happy with slow fills. I thought L-H would be worth checking out. Thank you,
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    If not mistaken, Lind has been a division on Man Financial (excuse me, MF Global) for a few years now, so the claim of largest probably has something to do with the parent company.
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    A few months back, someone from Lind-Waldock called and tried to get me to switch to them. I asked about their commissions. While I don't recall the exact prices, they were amazingly high - like 10X a normal commission.

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    they are not for the active traders. they are for the occasional futures trader.