Lincoln, NE

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by gutsytrader, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Looking for another trader to trade in the same room with during the day. I trade Emini SP. I have a free desk, net connection, and phone available. I'm willing to share a great way to daytrade the ES to anyone serious (taught to me by a pro). I need the discipline of two heads going for a common goal to keep me from thinking too much. I made over 25k in 4 months with tiny risk before I got in my own way. (willing to show statements to back this up). Past week of papertrading and real trading today has convinced me that I'm the only thing wrong with my trading. If I thought less and just acted...$$$. Should be up at least +8 ES pts. today. Instead I'm down 1.25 due to second guessing and freezing when I should be acting. Anyone interested, please pm me.
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    Sent you a PM. Finally someone from Lincoln, NE.
  3. I hope you fellah's leave some money for the rest of us :)