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  1. Guys, I was recently abroad for a business trip and though it wasn't the first time I was taking the plane etc. I was for the first time picked up by a limousine service. What can I say, I found it so relaxing to be bale to just relax and being brought to one's destination in a huge modern car. Much nicer than a taxi.

    I was wondering for a while whether this wouldn't make for a good business concept, but in the end I reckon that you need quite an amount of money to do something like the BlackLane Limousine service. The car pool alone must be worth a fortune.

    Anyway, have some of you ever experienced a limousine service? I for my part can highly recommend it!
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    $40 for a 3 minute ride from the airport in Berlin to the Hotel! Better to walk and get some exercise.
  3. Ie good business. I have a friend who runs a limo service in a small market. He is not a billionaire, but has made it to millionaire. Like any business he has worked his rear off to be the big guy locally. It is far from free money, as with any business. I got my commercial license to rive for him many years ago. It has expired for me, but was kind of fun at the time. I saw an awful lot of tits, and sex. I wish youtube exisited then, I'd be a millionaire off those videos, and my buddy would be a billionaire.
  4. Join A Small World and get limo airport transfers at no cost.

  5. Well, you may be surprised but this BlackLane Limousine service is really just a little more expensive than a taxi; given that the comfort is much better than in a taxi it is well worth paying some extra bucks for that, imho.

    And of course walking and therefore exercising is good, but have fun with that if you travel with heavy luggage. No way, I'd always prefer to be transported...
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    I gave up the goddam car two years back. I live in an area where a car is not a necessity. I'm way better off!

    Compared to a taxi the limo is a great deal though.
  7. Just a black car is more mentally relaxing than a stinky yellow taxi. Even the driver smells better!