Limiting My Profit Potential

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Flashboy, May 11, 2009.

  1. I'm getting there slowly. starting to make money consistently but the biggest road block I have now is limiting myself daily.

    What I mean is once I'm up 1pt. on the ER I feel satisfied and I leave so many good opportunities on the table untraded because I feel content.

    I think a big part of this is after losing for so long I'm afraid to give back what I have instead of following my rules I talk myself out of taking good trades. And today I'd be up approx. 4 pts. instead of just the 1.2 pts that I'm up.
  2. Its pretty clear to me that until YOU stop thinking of trading in terms of $$$ and start thinking of EVERYTHING in terms of a systematic trading plan, you're never going to make any money trading.

    Everyone knows that money is gained or lost from trading, but too often people focus on making money, not giving back profits, making back what they lost etc etc etc. Instead, the proper thing to do is to focus on just the trades and the probabilities and structure behind them and, once you get that, the money will most definitely come.

    But unless you stop your current line of thinking, you'll be doomed until you finally throw in the towel. But, there is hope and it requires you to work very hard at resisting the urge to take profits too early or to take yourself out of a trade too early (give it wiggle room) and to follow YOUR method to a tee. Now this is assuming you have a good method, but just aren't executing it properly
  3. Buddha


    Forget $$$, do whatever you have to do to so.

    Aim, attempt, enjoy Excellent trades. Sharpen your skills in placing good systemic trades.

    Market will take care of rest.