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  1. I've been using the trader workstation to send in orders via the API. I've noticed that if you exceed a certain number of orders being placed the system will crash.

    So what I did was create a 2nd log in. The problem is that now, when I log onto the 2nd log in I can still see all the orders created from the 1st log in, so I still run in trouble with the max number or orders being sent.

    I called IB and they say that the only other way would be to create another account, if I did that I'd have to split my cash into the 2 accounts, and I couldn't combine the volume for a reduced rate.

    Opinion on what I should do?
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    how many orders did you place? once i tested demo and it can handle 2000 orders without hiccup
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    Sky123987, would you please PM me details of the situation, I should be able to help you. I'm very curios to see how you managed to crash TWS/API.
  4. Here's the error. It says Maximum Number is Tickers Exceeded, however I'm only placing a ton of order on like 30 stocks. I just spoke with the IB rep who said that the max number of orders placed per second is 50 order TWS will lock up.

    Guess I'm going to have to go back to Genesis to run this strategy
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    what kind of "strategy" required >50 modifications or place\submit orders per second?:confused:

    yes, number of messages via API cannot exceed 50. if it's home made application-you can use timer to reduce this number and keep it below 50 per sec.i use similar approach, when i request quotes via API.
    but if you trying to place\modify orders at this pace-IB will close your account very soon. they not allow such abuse. exchanges not going to like it either.
  6. Probably using that strat that makes 1 cent on every stock in the s&p every 5 seconds.
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    What do you mean by "crash". Does TWS close, lock-up, stop updating, go pink or something else?

    Or are you only getting error messages and TWS keeps running?

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  10. it just locks up and freezes
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