Limit up on SPX-ES?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MasterGambler, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. What is the overnight limit up/down for the SPX and ES futures? 100 points?

    Did the futures limit up a few times after the crash in 2008? I can't remember...

    Might be useful to know the limit up amount soon. If the bond market collapses a lot of that money could rush toward equities causing a limit up inverse crash!
  2. Fifty points. Limit down tomorrow possible on ECB announcement.
  3. Where is ur chart, i need ur proprietary moving average based indicators to help me trade tomorrow! :mad:
  4. Why do people who don't know the answers to simple factual questions waste everyone's time by posting the wrong answers ?

    Current overnight limit up/down on the ES is 65 points.

    All the stock index limit information is available at:
  5. Tom B

    Tom B

  6. It was fifty a couple years ago. *Shrug*

    Why did they change it?
  7. Right... Hahaha...

    But, just because... Daily... We didn't press up against resistance that hard. Didn't take that short signal a couple days ago. Was looking for a five or a 3-3 variation. If we pop above that trendline and push above 1400 ill be shorting up there. If we drop below the 50% retrace of this move ill look for a long setup.

    Don't expect a major pullback before Jackson Hole unless these yields blow up tomorrow...
  8. 10 YR Yields heading toward 10%... Who cares! Mario will lay down a solution to save the EU tomorrow.