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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by scouse, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. scouse


    Hi All

    Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to get around the annoying problem in Ts2000i of not being able to send limit orders on the close of the current bar but having to wait for the open of the new bar therefore increasing slippage.


  2. maxpi


    There may be a simpler way but I have built data in the arrays in TS2k from shorter bar interval data than I want to trade with and then generated signals during the bar I want to trade on.

    Isn't there a "this bar on close" situation? Check the EZLanguage manual if you have not already, you can download it from the Tradestation website. I've never quite sorted out which keywords you can use for trading and which ones are only for backtesting.

    Good luck
  3. scouse


    HI Maxpi

    Thanks for the reply, "this bar on close" only works on market orders, it doesn't work on limit orders, don't ask me why Omega designed it this way but they did.

    Creating data arrays on a different time frame sounds a bit difficult for the level I am at, it just seems that I could drastrically increase my chances of being filled by submitting the trade on the closing tick of the bar.

    Thanks again

  4. scouse, I believe that you can't enter a limit order on the close of a bar since once the bar is closed, you're already onto the next bar (know what I mean?). I don't think that you'd get any more slippage on entering on the open of the next bar (with a limit) anyway? If you're using limit orders, there won't be any slippage, but remember, that TS will 'overexaggerate' the profitability of your performance reports and make it look as though all orders "can" be filled at your price, when in reality, they don't always get filled.