Limit fills in NQ

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  1. For those trading NQ eminis, what is your experience with limit order fills?

    Do you get filled most of the time? How often is your order left on the sidelines?
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    sideline almost never. i trade nqs with limits couple times per month. limits are always filled. what size are you trading?
  3. small, should not matter at all, but was wondering. Is your order way ahead (more than 10-15 minutes?) of the fill? That might explain why you are never sidelined?
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    My fill on IB is spot on when NQs hit that number. It's usually faster than what the chart says by a half a second.

    Honestly no issues. I place limits 10 Points away from the market in the hopes of getting filled and when price hits that level it fills. No issues.
  5. Thanks. Some wicked volatility going on today again, an example at 10:42 et, somebody barreled through to buy a break of 57, they mostly got filled at 58-59, then you blink and it lurched back down to 52-51.... this is kill or be killed...
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    vol is up widen stops