Limit Down

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by ssternlight, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know how I could find out:

    1. How often do metal futures actually lock limit down/up?

    2. How often does that occur intraday as opposed to overnight?


  2. I don't think metals contracts have limits.
  3. Silly of me not to have checked first. I'll mouse over to ECBOT and see what the specs are.

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious...
  4. ive been watching silver for 5 years and i'm pretty sure it's only reached the limit ($1.50) once. maybe twice. they were around spring this year. mid april it was down more than two dollars one day. the comex just paused for a few minutes at down 1.50 then reopened and down it went. so it's pretty rare. oh, and the cbot contracts which i believe are more liquid right now than comex have no limit
  5. Was the limit hit intraday or overnight? I'm looking at the limit down risk of a portfolio of commodities and trying to assess the black swan frequency and what corrective options are available in the event there is no trading...

    I remember cattle going limit down for a few days back when we had the initial mad cow scare. Options were basically useless as they quite effectively priced in the risk -- it almost made me believe in efficient markets. :)
  6. it was down maybe 50 or 60 cents by the open (8:25 est). reached 1.50 down around late morning
  7. Thanks.