Limit Down in ES ?!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fluttrader, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. 855.25 looks like limit down got hit
  2. ES -60 at 856
    YM -516 at 8234

    I just dont know what to say right now other than I'm so upset, saddened, and angry at how the financial system has turned to shit.

    I'm not going to point fingers because its too late for that. But what I am going to say is for please, in the name of God, stop this selling. This isn't about being right or wrong to make money. This is about the future of mankind and how we all can get along to make the world a better place. I realize there are ups and downs in the markets, but this one, this horrific one is just undeniably unfair and unjust to the general population of this world.

    It saddens me that there are people out there screaming for total global carnage with the realization that their wish could be total devastation to the entire financial systems of the world.

    I sit here and pray that everything will turn out alright and that here, at 5:00AM EST we rise above it all and learn our lessons in what got us here.

    Please pray with me.
  3. Yo flut what's up? You're up late tonight huh?

    I just out some coffee on, I think some major shit's going to pop off tomorrow, not to mention what just happened tonight.

    Good trading.
  4. Beebers


    60 point overnight drop is the limit number. I guess it wants to happen.

    Does the Dow have an overnight limit as well?


    I pray the system does go down,
    tons of bargains to be avaliable,
    notice how the USD is strong?
    stay in cash

    The strong and the liquid will be buying everything in sight

    I PRAY the whole stock market will do a 1929 where all stocks became $1
    The biggest transfer of wealth in a lifetime.

    Once in a life time opportunity,

    On the other hand, you are praying your account doesn't get shanked much, dumb much?

    But in reality todays -7% down just took out yesterdays movement, its really nothing really, stop your shaking, take it into perspective, all we did was erase yestedays gain

    you crzzzzzy
  6. Boy, thank God they didn't waste precious tax payers money on trying to bail out Lehman!
  7. I think a weekly close below 750 on the ES could signal a full fledged disaster. We'll see if the 2002-2003 support will hold.....
  8. No one was crying and bitching when all these fruit pickers in Cali were buying $750,000 McMansions.

    Now it's time to shake things up a little. They had their fun, now it's time for others to have theirs.

    Turnabout's fair play right?
  9. You need to do 3 things:

    1 - Man-up a bit,you sound like a total fag

    2 - Get out of this game,you clearly are out of your depth

    3 - Think about covering your longs,God ain't gonna help you with those,usually when he's involved it's too late.
  10. d08


    Ask building up now big time, wonder if we'll stay here for a few hours or possibly until open.
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