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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm small retail algo trader. I trade e minis with 50-60k account. Somebody recommended to me to switch from IB to Lime! I tried to contact them and ask what are the fees and minimum account balance.... But they seem to ignore my email.... Anyone here using Lime?
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    Minimum is 100k if you generate very high volume (eg HFT strategy).
  3. How do they earn money? Trough commissions only or there are some other charges?

    What happens if you don't generate enough volume?
  4. Can you give me an example of the very high volume... Is it per instrument or overall?
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    Commission + fees. I think GS provides margin and gets the interest on it. The only fee I can think of is an optional 400/month in their managed colo facility.

    The volume requirement is 20,000 shares per day across all stocks.
  6. That is not too bad. 20k is manageable and 400 is very competitive. Does it include data feed? What about CME futures do they offer access? What Is the minimum volume in that case?
  7. Just spoke with lime... 0.5m is min
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    Data is included, fees may apply to some feeds. No futures, they recently got into options but traditionally have been exclusively equities.

    I know for a fact the minimum is 100k. I spoke to someone there two weeks ago, and a year ago. You may have signaled you were going to be an unprofitable customer for them and they wanted to chase you away. Take a look at this:
  9. AFAIK Lime has never shown an interest in retail-sized accounts.
  10. Shame!

    What's the best alternative for small accounts (50k)...ideally With same speeds as lime and Java api?
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