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  1. Very smart play. Obama set the trap and Limbaugh's oversized ego walked right into it.,0,2881422.story

    The weak GOP followers must now make a choice. Pick your leader... Rush...or some other dickless turd sandwich. Either way the GOP has one group of zealots that would follow Rush to the gates of hell...and then there's another group. Both hate each other...and both think they are the GOP. And Limbaugh will preside over another Republican 40 years in the desert after the GOP implodes before his eyes.

    Divide and conquer. Damn that was easy.
  2. Am I alone in thinking Rush's "power" was overstated?

    For christ's sake, Obama adressed him in the first week of
    his presidency, ... if anything Obama loaded his gun.

    Just one of many, many, many stupidities to come. If not
    moral, efficient, perfect, people are wierd.
  3. Lets get real man.

    It doesn't matter if Limbaugh is caught doing drugs again, if Obama brings Limbaugh up Obama will look worse and Limbaugh will look better.

    Do you not think Limbaugh wants more money and higher ratings or are you just so bias that you can't see the actual reality of the situation?

    Almost all liberals when talking about Limbaugh just degrade the guy by calling him an entertainer or wothless partisan. If Limbaugh is just a worthless entertainer than why does Obama even mention his name?

    It doesn't matter how important I, you or anyone else thinks Limbaugh is. What matters is that when the president of the United States mentions someone he automatically heightens the importance meter of the person they are talking about whether negative or positive.

  4. here's an exercise for you ... sum up the above in 10 words.
  5. In the Sierra Nevada when the white head squirrel pokes his head down and is shot at with a 30-06... it tends to stay down. When it pokes its fat head up it tends to stay up even when dumb enough to see the incoming.

    Is that 10 words?

  6. When you poke your fat head up bastard and reach me at I'll show you what it feels like to get hit with an iron palm.

    Now bastard reach me by e-mail if you have the guts because I just placed you on my ignore list. You piece of shit. You shoot defenseless little animals. Try your hand at something that hits back coward.

  7. no, but it's pretty damn funny
  8. If you find that funny Oktiri maggot then you are going on my ignore list too. I know you placed me on your ignore list already (wink wink).
  9. What are your thoughts on the "Fairness Doctrine".

    Please continue with the squirrel analogy. Don't shoot at them though, they're one of the few things that bring a smile to my face lately. crazy fricking animals.

    My summation: "You can't listen to Rush, because we're outlawing his show." Change Baby, Change!
  10. I'm hurt...seriously. I don't know if I'll ever be the same.

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