Limbaugh The Degenerate !!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by omegapoint, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Commenting that the reason Edwards strayed might be to find a woman who did something with her mouth other than talk. This while she has cancer.

    How appropriate that the conservative point of view be advanced by a fat man.
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    Is it any surprise that multimillionaire Limbaugh can't keep a woman in his own life for long? Unless he's picking up underage boys during those sex trips to the Dominican Republic. :D
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    Edwards is out screwing some new age woman he pays to work in his campaign out of donations, she has his kid [c'mon, that's what happened] while his wife is dying of the big C and the real news is that Limbaugh has bad taste in jokes?
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    Obviously, I mean get with the times man. Commitment, all that kinda stuff is just old fashioned shit, it doesnt mean anyting now. What's wrong with you?
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    Edwards is dead politically. He's not news anymore unless some dipstick like Limbaugh keeps beating the dead horse in his typically gormless fashion.

    It's not like we're dealing with Senator Wide-Stance who didn't have the decency to resign from the Senate. :D
  6. Rush has made mega millions making fun of radical lefties and the biggest joke of all is you dopes take him seriously. He's a comedian...idiots.
  7. Any way you slice it, Limbshit insulted Edwards' wife with that comment, either directly or collaterally. How much more insult to injury must this woman take? Limbshit should have a glossectomy and mind his own business. Reporting is one thing, but revelling in the pain of innocent others is quite another. Edwards cheated on his wife and is at least showing contrition, such as it is. Limbshit is a thug and he loves being one.
  8. Take a few minutes and do some research on what was said about Tony Snow and Bob Novak from your esteemed "progressives" at dailykos and the huffington post.

    The left has the market on has the market on hate cornered.

  9. Please enlighten me with examples that you believe are commensurate with Limbshit's splattering shit on Edwards' innocent wife. However you regard his comment, and in whatever context, it insults and demeans Edwards' wife.
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    You're clueless if you think his claim to fame is comedy. His stand-up act -- if he ever had the balls to try one -- would suck ass, even in a room full of radical righties. He's a commentator who occasionally tries to funny, which makes him no different from every other political commentator ever.

    If comedy is his excuse, how come you guys foam at mouth over Janeane Garafolo and Bill Maher, who are comedians with genuine stand-up credentials?
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