Limbaugh, Racist, or comic genius?

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  1. His latest stunt has him being labeled as a racist by the left. Personally, I think the term racist is thrown around too frequently these days to a point where it's lost the meaning of the word. I'd just say this latest episode was in poor taste, very juvenile, and what should be beneath a person who holds a position as he does.
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    EVERYTHING Rush says or does is labeled racism by the left.
    I agree
    Personally I think the Asians crying about it are thin skinned pussies.

  3. Perhaps, but that's not really the point. These are serious times, in need of serious discussion. A person in his position, and expects to be taken seriously, should not be acting like a 14 year old in the locker room.
    No doubt his defenders will say lighten up, but then I'd say the same thing to them, and Limbaugh himself, when they rail away at some silly gaff made by a Dem as if it's some earth shattering event.
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    It is to me. Because if the Asians crying about his remarks weren't such thin skinned pussies there would be no "news" here.
    My first thought here is if don't like him don't listen to him. I don't watch Obama speeches or any liberal commentators. It's like listening to finger nails on a chalk board to me.
    Probably, although I didn't intend to "defend" him as much as point out the lefts ridiculous behavior. I don't listen to Rush's show BTW.
  6. Rush: Hu Jintao was just going ching chong, ching chong cha."


    Hu: ,"Me fink you velly fat",
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    Dude, that is bullshit. I don't buy for 1 second that you wouldn't feel the same way if someone did that to you. Calling them 'pussies'?

    ....ok If someone comes and calls your wife a fat, ugly're telling me that you're not going to do something about it because you have thick skin and you're not a pussy?

    Because Rush just insulted a whole race of people, not just one person.

    Care to retract your statement?
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    also, Rush's comparison to Sid Ceasar is bogus.

    Rush intention was to insult. If he can't apologize for his mistake, then he is a douche in my book. I can't believe I used to listen to this guy.
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    Lets compare apples to apples here. Have you ever seen the comedian Russel Peters? He makes fun of every race all the time including tons of jokes about white people, and yes i laugh my ass off when i listen to him speak.

    Ever listen to a rap video which talks about crackers, and other derrogatory slang for whites all the time? Doesnt seem to offend me.

    One of my exes was asian and i used to make fun of her dads accent all the time, and she would laugh her ass off about it.

    So yes it is a case of this guy being a pussy, and all these groups of people who supposedly care about civil rights simply having an axe to grind with Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh was making fun of a language anyways not a race. When people make fun of Schwarzneggers accent is it racist?!?! People make fun of different accents, particularly east indian accents all the time.

    I also make fun of east indian/middle eastern accents when i am with my buddies who are muslim, and they dont seem to care, infact they join along with me.

    Do you find this offensive? If you do you need to get a life.

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  10. He's an entertainer, stipulated by the left, who has valid conservative concerns. With regard to that Democrat Congressman, of course he's gonna bitch and complain, like Tucson Sheriff Dipstick. [​IMG]
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