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  1. hello everyone! :) This will be my journal of trades i am about to embark. It will be on the DOW minis only (YM).

    This will be a friendly thread, so everyone is welcome to come and comment on my calls. I will not be calling live trades....will only post at end of day or if im out of the mkts for rest of day. I will only be making 1 or 2 trades per day. I will list my entry, stop, and target, and also the time i took the trade. I have no reason to lie... cause i hope to learn on comments made by others.

    Well thats about the skinny of it...... i will now be trading strictly YM.

    So stop on by and check out my journal.

    Hope i do really well...... i will be very happy if i do!!:) :)
  2. Hi lilduckling,

    Congrats on the new journal, I'm sure you'll do very well with that healthy attitude towards the market.

    Will be looking in here to give you some healthy advice to make your success go even faster :)
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    I have been thinking of doing the same. Looks like everyone is trading the YMs, at least those who post about their trades.I think that there is really no reason to trade more than 5 times a day, depending on the action.

    So you are right 1-2 trades if you are right on the major direction should be enough. For example today short from 10:40 and long from 3 pm, that's all one needed.

    I wish you good luck with your journal and I might drop by occasionally...
  4. Hey lilducking
    Can you tell me how much have you opened your account with and with what broker and what do you feel about the YM
    Which software have you tested or are planning to use eg zline NJ etc
    Can you make $200 to $300 a day
    just asking general information as i am a newbies and checking my options
    thank you :)
  5. I use starting with a little over 50k. As far as software goes... all i have is eSignal... i dont do program trading.
    I doubt very much i will be able to make $200 a day.... at least not for a very long time. Just wanna learn to trade the YM. I believe the YM to be raw trading.... no games from surpise earnings or bullcrap analysists that slap your stock around. Plus you get in and out super fast.
  6. thks lilduck
    Please keep us posted , any tips and advice are greatly appreciated
    Good Luck:)
  7. Well a ..... hee hee :D still doing some final tweeking before i start trading. I thought i'd be ready by now but still working on some last minute indicators and vendor products.
    Hey nothing ever starts off smooth in it's first day.... you all remember the movie jurastic Park??

    I i will be posting soon..... prepare to be amaz.... err, ..... i mean intertained.
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  9. Todays action was difficult for me.... did not see any follow through for most of the day. Only at around 2PM did we get a trend going. Not sure how i could've caught that move at PM. Maybe a trendline from the morning low to the doldrums, up until it got broken.

    Todays P/L = 0
    Trades taken = 0
    Put/call was @ extreme level
    breadth was hovering around neutral
    $VOLD was at around neutral most of day
    diversion in $VIX & TRIN up until 1pm

    Trendlines and indicators did not show me a solid clear picture to warrant a trade.

    basically today did not give me enough of a clear picture to initiate a trade. By 2pm.... i just watched and the YM went without me. I may be watching too many indicators when i should just concentrate on what the price is doing.


    Tomorrow is another day to :)
  10. What do you call a day trader who made "0" trades for the day?

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