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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lilduckling, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Alas I am no longer bullish on the blue chips... a shame since I am all long.... not sure if i will ride out the next few months on the long side or just be in the sidelines. I feel the run is now over for blue chips.... with the next 3 to 5 months bringing in wanderless direction. I think we will begin to see the first move that sets off the beginnig of the Russell and Nasdaq leading the markets in 5 to 6 months. In other words the next few months are about money moving from some sectors to others.... high tech will begin its run middle of next year.

    Ofcourse this is meanless if you daytrade.... but if you like to hold positions for longer time frames.... this info is for you.

    and if you think this call is just a quack...... well, lets just see what happens shall we?
  2. You got it right duck but your late in your call- In Oct /Nov leg up blue chips have been sucking wind and the smaller stocks have been the place to be. You're already two months into your 3 or 5 month time frame and you haven't bought anything.

    What's interesting is a relative nonperformance by my favorite market cap mid cap. This former bastion of good will towards me has been a real pain lately and when you consider most of the brightest highest growing but stable earnings come from here... it might be flashing a valuation signal on the market or a future growth call on the economy I chose to ignore.
  3. its homemade .... takes longer to make, but is chock-ful of goodness thats better for you
  4. "Interestingly enough, however, a ducks "quack" does not echo.

    Scientists can offer no explanation for this phenomena.

    Turning to other news...."
  5. Well.... looks like this call was wrong. Even though I am on a very long time frame, its been a few weeks since i made this call and the DOW continued to make new highs. Very hard to argue that this call is still valid. A pity this ruined my long streak of good calls.
    When I am right about a call i come out here and cluck like a chicken that just laid a fertile egg...... its only fair that i now admit that i was wrong on this one and bow my little head in shame.

    Back to my pond i go.
  6. lilduckling the day you made your call I shorted 3M it's gone from $81 to $77. I shorted United Tech it's gone from $65 to $62 and Pfizer it's gone from $28 to $22.

    You made a great call! What are you quacking about!

    All along the pundits have been pointing investors towards large cap-- all along the small stocks have been doing better. It's just a select group of F5, Adobe, WFR and such- the index as a whole is too weighted down with former big float wannabes CNET, YHOO, EBAY.. to ever reflect progress vs the DOW and all the financials over $100. You get the picture. With all these ETF's you really have to start parceling out the buy categories- not so much as to the color of their chips but the accumulation that each stock is undergoing.

    Shake your feathers off and get your beak turned around right. Now repeat after me Buy Small Fast and Smart! ~ stoney