Like Wikileaks, LulzSec now accepting leaks. More fallout for Wall Street & BAC?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by wilburbear, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. More leaks from financial firms seems likely.

    Wish Wikileaks would release their BAC docs.

    LulzSec is taunting the CIA with impunity. They have "their money where their mouth is". They, more than anyone else, can keep your identity secret. Even the CIA is second rate compared to LulzSec.
  2. LeeD


    It's probably because LulzSec don't have an official Web-site in the US...

    Realistically, lots of modern Web-sites are desined with the idea that no smart kid can take more than a couple of hours off facebook to learn how to hack.
  3. Seeing a trend of addresses and others that are outside of US jurisdiction.

  4. guyfawkes,

    first of all, that's a great screen name.

    without being any reflection on you, i think this story shows how far behind the curve law enforcement is with these hacks. later today it was revealed that this guy owned one of the servers used by lulzsec (one of many used by lulzsec), and this server was used by many other people. plus, this guy's name was already on the internet, in google search results, as being involved in nefarious activities.

    i can't get over the image of a 65 year old balding scotland yard employee googling this guy's name. so then, they just go out and pick him up.
  5. The catch a kid for hacking and blame him for being the mastermind behind a notorious hacking group.

    Most of the public will probably believe that.
  6. LulzSec tweeted yesterday that this guy was only loosely affiliated with the group.