Like Obama Tyrants Use Children In Message

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    use "img" instead of "image", ya friggen frog loving liberal.
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  5. LOL !!!!
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    No charge.
  7. So I guess there are no differences between Bush and Obama.

    1. Both bombed the shit out of other nations.
    2. Both signed the Patriot Act and other draconian legislation.
    3. Both used children for political gain.

    Why does Obama get so much love then? Because liberals are hypocrites.
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    What a dumb shit you are Dragon's Breath. That was a law that was about children. Obama uses children as props on things like gun laws, obamacare and other crap that isn't just about children.

    Besides, Obama is a self described Marxist (dictator type). Read his books.

    Here are just a few examples of his explotation of children:

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  9. Obama didn't invade and occupy 2 countries

    Obama was against and ended the Iraq war

    9-11 happened on Bushs watch

    Bush increased defense spending 400 billion dollars a year

    Obama got Bin Laden,Bush...

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  10. What a dumb shit you are piss poor.

    Here are just a few examples of what a dumb shit you are

    Clinton won the election after the shutdown

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