Like an abused person, we start to believe this is normal

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Does Occupy Wall Streeters need a clear objective?

  1. Yes. Otherwise we can make no progress.

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  2. No. Different groups will sprout and fight the individual causes one by one. Specialization works. W

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care

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  1. nitro


    "...When I look at Zuccotti or McPherson or Grant Park, I’m not surprised the Occupiers don’t have a fixed agenda. For decades, we’ve been like a tether ball in a schoolyard, pummeled by so much abuse from so many different directions that we’ve just spun around in circles. Now, the Occupiers are stopping the ball, and demanding that we play a new game, one where the one percent don’t get to pummel the ninety-nine...."
  2. Didn't know the 1% "pummeled the ninety-nine".

    Or does "pummeling" mean

    1. Paying for their government benefits

    2. Giving them jobs


  3. This concept of jobs as something being "given" (as opposed to "you want some job done, I want some money, let's trade as equal and free men") is being tested right now in, among others, Alabama and Georgia...

    It isn't pretty


    3. How many in the 1% have fought in ANY war after WWII? (oh, wait, those in the 99% should be grateful for being "given a job" in the military with "government benefits"; so generous of the 1% not to take any of these "steals")
  4. Hooti


    I think they have a clear objective.
    But when you are going up against the... equivient of the feudal lords, and you are just serfs... of course they are being elusive to avoid being squashed out of hand.

    It's kind of like the Magna Carta time. Only this time it's the international Corporations... and/or the 400 families that are waaaay different than the rest of us. Some of them are jerks, some are cool.

    But if they don't allow regulation, and via peaceful means, it could go the way of the French revolution (let them eat cake), which was messy and violent. And if it gets violent, anyone who has anything will be at risk. And I have a little something relative to the people around me, so I don't want that to happen! Since there are millions of the rest of us to every one of the 'feudal lords', sooner or later balance will return. History repeats itself. Hope and pray for the Gandi types and peaceful folk, and the 'cool' ones of the 400... to carry the day. Arab spring? American spring! Our times are not boring! Just an observation.