Like a ton of bricks...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Alcoe80, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. Alcoe80


    Any ideas on where the next support level is on the way down in the Dow?

    This geopolitical stuff really blows for the long side....
  2. cheeks


    On my charts, I am showing substantial support at 0, but not a whole lot in between.:)
  3. Alcoe80


    Why so optimistic? :)
  4. TGregg


    $#@%$@ Globex! Tried to enter a buy order on ES at zero, but they wouldn't take it! Must be `cuz of that limit stuff :D
  5. Cheeks- I couldn't find a put option quote for 0 on the DOW.:D
  6. cheeks


    Just kidding around.

    To answer your question. I would say 8,000, 7,500(aug lows),
    7,200(oct lows).
  7. cheeks


    Oh, well I'll gladly sell you all you would like.:D
  8. dozu888


    look at monthly chart going back 10 years... the congestion we had between 10k - 11.5k is enough fuel to push us back down to 5000.

    exited my equity fund position yesterday at close... what a beautiful thang !
  9. dgmodel

    dgmodel Guest

    anyone know why the market is getting dropped like this today???
  10. cheeks


    The dollar is getting pounded. That's my guess.
    #10     Jan 24, 2003