Lightweight LCD display device as second monitor

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  1. I am looking for some lightweight USB-port LCD display device as a second monitor to my laptop when I go on a trip. I have been bringing my regular 22" LCD monitors but they are a bit heavy (>10 lb).

    So far I have only found this:

    MMT Monitor2Go 15.4-inch USB secondary display

    It looks like something that I am looking for but:
    1) It's 15.4 inch. Kind of small. I am hoping to find something like 18-20 inches.
    2) Resolution: only 1280 x 800. I want to have 1920 x 1080 or higher.
    3) Weight: still 4 lb. I would love to have something under 3 lb.

    Has anybody seen newer LCD display devices that are better? (e.g. On the MMT device, why such a big (bulky, heavy) base? All I want would be the display piece, may be with 2 small legs sticking out. The rest is just dead weight IMO.)

  2. Ipad?
  3. LeeD


    It's pretty heavy (due to the battery mostly), teh screen resolution is way too low for the screeen size, you can't use it as a monitor (nless you "jailbreak" it and intall unauthorised software, which won't make it a "fast" monitor anyway). Finally, it's way too expensive for the paltry screen it has.
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    I never got the iPad will I looked at the year 2011.

    Folks, different computers for differetn jobs. If you'd told me in 1997 you had 4 different computers (and were a normal man in the street) that would have been overkill, but now.....

    1. Desktop - for proper work
    2. Laptop - for when on the road, sitting outside, that sort of thing, but still needing a proper computer (keyboard etc)
    3. Mobile phone (iphone/android/blackbury) they're basically a computer these days
    4. iPad

    But where does the iPad come in, where to use it? In bed, it's THE best tool for that job, ever tried for example using a laptop in bed, it doesn't work because of the angles.

    I bought my mother an iPad for just that reason (bed, especially as she doesn't sleep so well) and she LOVES it.

    Like I said, these days it's all about multiple computers for different roles.
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    Bolimomo, I'm sure you appreciate, that with 1920x1080 resolution in 18 inches you need higher number of pixels per inch than 98% of desktop monitors provide.

    Samsung LD220G is an inexpensive quality option but it's probably 3x as havy as you want.

    An unconventional option would be to get an outdated laptop with the desired resolution, remove the battery (this will cut the weight in half) and use this laptop as a monitor via one of the many available "computer as monitor" solutions.
  6. Yes Lee. Thanks for your comment. I think I am spoiled by the HP dv8t 1100 laptop. It has a 18.4 inch screen, and a 1920 x 1080 resolution. A pleasant surprise.

    I have looked at the Samsang LD220G too. It seems that it is not that different from the Samsang 22" monitors that I already have, except the stand. Instead of a desktop stand, they give you a one-leg thing. Weight is >10lb. Really not much better than what I already have. The search is on.
  7. Here is my concept. It is not rocket science. All technologies exist.

    I have a dv8t 1100 laptop, 18.4 inch LCD screen, resolution 1920 x 1080, 9 lb, about $1000.

    So give me the LCD screen, and the video controller. Strip off everything else. Make the controller work with a USB interface to get power and video signals. Just design 2 foldable plastic legs to set the screen up vertically on a desk. Tilted slightly.

    Can't be that hard, right? Maybe just not a big enough market for it? No traveling salesmen or scientists or traders want a second screen with high resolution?

    I am taking off the CPU/Mobo, hard drive, battery, main chassis, memory, everything! Can't they reduce the weight to under 3 lb?

    Is a LCD panel really that heavy?

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    Have you thought about renting a LCD screen?

    Should be able to find a rental store in most towns...
  9. Thanks for you suggestion easymon1. I am not looking for a replacement LCD screen. I want to use the LCD screen on the laptop, plus 1 or 2 more external LCD devices on a trip. Those replacement screens will not work as additions.
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