Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tenfly, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. tenfly


    Hey guys,

    I used to work for a company that had its own Level II trading software, and we also used e-signal for charting.

    I'm about to start working for a new company that uses LightSpeed. The software is unbelieveable (I love it), but the charting really isn't that great.

    Does anyone know if LightSpeed has some better kind of charting that I'm missing, or if there is some other low cost real-time charting software out there that I can start using when I start with this new company?

  2. trador375


    i have traded with the lightspeed software and what you say is true . . . the execution system is top notch, but the charting is THE worst . . . it's almost like the charting is an afterthought on their software as if a 'real' trader doesn't need good charts . . . if charts are a big part of how you trade you will need to use one monitor for the lightspeed and an additional charting software on a second or third screen for decent charts . . .
  3. tenfly


    Ah okay thanks..Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something :) I'm brand new to the software, and I think I might be able to just adapt..But it'll be quite different using something like e-signal to using this charting lol

    Thanks :)