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  1. LEAPup


    Anyone here using Lightspeed? Good, bad, ugly?
  2. LEAPup


    I posted this under s/w instead of brokers...:(

    Anyhow, when calling Customer Service @ Lightspeed, I get a voice mail that sounds like a cell phone.

    Technical support is the same deal. So strange...

    Looks like I may be stuck with IB...:(
  3. CEO_STI


    What do you find important?
  4. LEAPup


    Accurate data, and customer service that actually knows how to fix problems on their end without having to draw them a picture, and stand on one leg.
  5. CEO_STI


    Well those are not their unique selling points. Once you are a customer they tend not always reply to e-mails. They advertise that their service is top notch but with that i disagree.

    The data feed is very accurate, however the platform has some bugs and crashes sometimes. ( few times a month )

    Their edge are the cost and the fills you get. Also you can customize about anything which is a plus. Very fast indeed, but unfortunately it's not the total package. I've been with IB myself so I can compare. If you're trading-style is more like a scalper where you scale in and out then Lightspeed can be a better choice regardless of some of their negative scores. They have a demo available to see the platform, if you haven't tried it yet i would recommend it.

    Good luck