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  1. I am just interested to see what the going per share rate per 1000 shares is on lightspeed through a prop firm. For someone who averages about 2-3 million shares per month what is the current going rate on the street? I also heard that some firms charge you per trade not per 1000? Platform fee as well?

    I have been on sterling for a while now due to their lower commissions just wondering if it's about the same rates before I continue with sterling. Thanks
  2. I dont think Lightspeed has a fee structure that fits proptrading, I think they're only targeting retail traders (relatively high fee/trade). Too bad, since it is the best platform out there IMHO.
  3. i think they are charging $4 per 1000 shares in retail.
    u can see their ad on elite trader it self
  4. they start at $10k minimum to open an account (under PDT rules) and start at $4/1000.

    They have a completely different structure for ATS/blackbox or others considered non-retail.
  5. Base rate, charged to the prop firm, not to you individually, is $0.40 per thousand. Negotiable.
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    I have been trading on lightspeed for intraday for the last 3 years.

    Platform is free, very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface.

    If you are an active trader, they will require a 25,000 minimum for a "retail account" and give you 4:1 intraday and 2:1 interday.

    The 10,000 min acct, you can only make 5 trades per week I believe. If you have a retail account and your balance goes below 25,000 after you close out, you have to call them and switch your account type to the 10k and you will be limited, so putting up 30,000 is the most feasible.

    Lightspeed has prop desks trading through it, you just have to find the right desks, there are many but there are a few who have had longstanding relationships with the firm that get much better rates.

    Lightspeed also should come with a free subscription to Magic Charts.

    If you are looking for an in on trading lightspeed, send me a pm/email and I will connect you to the right desk. I traded out of their 7th floor office on 32nd and Madison in New York, 2 floors below their headquarters.
  7. how come your Lightspeed is free?
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    Because youre paying the commissions
  9. Who needs you for a referral, any MOOK can trade there and pay less than what you offer.
  10. "A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty Hi-Oh Silver!..."

    THAT lightspeed?
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