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    Lightspeed sponsors a free, live webinar series, typically they're held on Wednesday afternoons at 4:30 PM (EST).

    The most recent webinar held was last Wednesday (10/5/2011) with Evan Lazarus, of Evan’s webinar was excellent, focusing on the mental strategies and tactics of successful traders. This webinar ---- as with several others Lightspeed has held ---- was recorded and is available for review through Lightspeed’s web site (under the Tools & Education Tab).

    Tomorrow, (Wednesday 10/12/2011) there’s another webinar planned to begin at 4:30 PM (EST). This webinar will be focusing on pivot point trading and how to use pivot points as a predictive trend indicator.

    The following Wednesday, (10/19/2011) Lightspeed will be holding a webinar that will be focusing on how to use the various features in the Lightspeed trading platform.

    These webinars are free, and Lightspeed has received some terrific feedback about them from a broad spectrum of traders. The only requirement is that you take a moment to register for them, which you can do by visiting
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    Although I did PM you, nonetheless, there are details available via the LS web site, under the Webinars segment of the Lightspeed web site, (Tools and Education Tab). That said, I'm happy to be of help to anyone who needs assistance registering for, or participating in the webinar series.