Lightspeed v. Takion

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  1. I am a current lightspeed user and I am generally very happy with it in terms of speed and reliability. Has anyone used both and prefer one over the other?
    How are Takions charts? speed? reliability? etc

    I am considering switching to Takion but I am wondering if I will be disappointed.
  2. anyone?
  3. Takion is superior in nearly all respects.

    Except price. It is generally more expensive.
  4. Really? I thought traders generally got cheaper rates if they used Takion.
  5. Why would you ever use a platform that has no contact number on their website? What if you need support?? Use the Contact Us form and wait? Takion feels like a one man show. For a technology company their website is a joke.
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    sharing what i was told by a prop firm that first started using takion
    there are only a few firms that offer it at this point

    people that were part of developing anvil came out with this software in the past 2 years

    seems like they want to stay low key with there business relationships , they want to control who & how many users they have on it , a positive overall in having a solid platform

    possibly a better platform then the original anvil , but limited to a few prop firms unfortunately

  7. Which prop firms offer Takion?
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    great point capital & chimera securities
  9. Anyone else have any experience with Takion?
  10. I've been using Takion since Nov of 2011 and I think it is the best stuff out there. A bit of a story, but I was at GPC here in Chicago, but left and tried to get the software myself, but they would not give it to me as an individual, so I ended up joining another prop to gain access to the software. You can Youtube comparisons on how it blows away any other software out there via head to head comparisons. I compared it side by side to a ToS account at work last year and Takion was so far ahead of the with it's chart and level two price action it was a crazy.
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