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    I think I have made a big mistake by funding my lightspeed account. Twice today I couldn't even log on. And when I could, quotes would constantly freeze on me. My CPU is top of the line and my internet connection is 24 m upload and 20 m down. I am now too scared to open a position with them and will be getting my money out ASAP. Can someone recommend a similar platform with similar rates? I won't mind paying a bit extra for reliability. I loved the execution speed of lightspeed, which is critical for my trading, but I just can't bring myself to take on this obvious increase in risk. :(
  2. Anvil platform is similar. From what I was told, it was build off the hammer which is also use in lightspeed.
  3. I was logged in all day.
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    My troubles were at close. Quotes froze and connection wouldn't establish.
  5. Same thing happen to me today. System wide problems. I have been with them for a year and its only the second time my quotes have froze. It is frustrating but it's part of the business. I have been doing this for 15 years and no platform is perfect.
  6. lol LIGHTSpeed, more like NOSpeed. :p I tried their demo and hated it. Their charts suck imo.
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    i did have issues about 20 minutes going into the close.

    i actually like it a lot. the customization is the big ticket winner for me.
  8. IT was an SSL issue, platform is fast.
  9. Can you explain, please? I'm assuming they have dedicated hardware to handle SSL encryption. Are you saying that is what failed?
  10. the platform is okay except that the customer service is virtually non existent and if you do manage to get any help, prepare to be shouted and yelled at first LOL
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