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    My name is Robert Morse and I’m now with Lightspeed Trading. Many of you know my member name (rmorse), as I have been a sponsor before for another broker dealer. Lightspeed Trading is an Introducing Broker to Merrill Lynch Professional and Wedbush Securities and provides a variety of solutions for small and medium-sized Hedge Funds, Trading Groups and Active Traders.

    Please check out our retail website located at and our institutional website located at

    You will find that we offer flexibility through choice of clearing firm, choice of trading platforms and FIX or API connectivity that will fit your needs. In addition, we offer Reg-T, Portfolio Margin and futures accounts with competitive rates and professional service and support.

    I’m happy to speak directly to any member about our services or set up a demo of any of our platforms including our flagship trading platform, Lightspeed Trader.

    I look forward to earning your business.

    Robert Morse
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  2. J.P.


    Wedbush has somewhat of an unsavory reputation on this site. They gave a guy only 48 hours to move his account for no urgent reason. See this:

    Why would you choose to move your business to this place?

    Also, I don't see Wedbush, Merrill Lynch Professional, Lightspeed, or you listed on the Sponsor list on the bottom of the page.

    Anyway, it's good to see you back, Robert.
  3. Love your platform. It earns it's own business! :thumbsup:
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  4. CBC


    I've met a few people on this site who use lightspeed and gave good reports about it so I have a good opinion about it.

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  5. FSU


    Welcome Bob. I've enjoyed your posts in the past, very helpful. Good luck with lightspeed.
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  6. FSU


    I got the impression from that thread that although the guy cleared through Wedbush, it was his introducing broker who asked him to close his account.
  7. J.P.


    You did not read the thread.
  8. Xela


    In that case, welcome "back", Robert. :cool:

    Many of us benefit from the information and perspectives you impart, here (and are really grateful for how you do so without ever being at all "spammy" as some sponsors can be. ;) )

    Wishing you well, in your new situation, too.
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  9. With Bob on board, I hope we can now hear Wedbush's side of the story!
  10. FSU


    Just went back and re-read the whole thread. The poster seems to believe the requested liquidation came from Wedbush, but I don't think that is necessarily the case. DDT, the introducing broker is in charge of dealing with the client. They are guaranteeing his account at Wedbush and it seems more likely they were the ones who weren't comfortable with his account. Generally the customer only deals with the introducing broker, who works as a conduit with the clearing firm.

    Not sure if Bob can comment on an individual case, but maybe he can speak generally about how an introducing broker works with Wedbush and if it is likely that Wedbush was talking directly to a client.
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