Lightspeed Trader 101: Introduction to the Platform- Free Webinar: 12/27/2017-4:30 pm

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    Have you been interested in Lightspeed Trader for a while but wanted a closer look at its functionality? Maybe you’re a new customer and have questions that you need to be answered in order to trade the way you want. Join us for this live webinar that covers the basics of the Lightspeed Trader platform.

    We will be covering:

    • Speed- Lightning fast order execution and cancelations
    • Direct Market Access– Multiple routing venues and strategy destinations
    • Costs – Choose your own commission structure – per share or per trade
    • Customization – Design multiple page layouts and charting setups
    • Efficiency – Order entry – hotkeys/hot buttons for one-touch execution
    Date: Wednesday, December 27th at 4:30 pm ET

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    Contact me directly for more information on our services.

  2. Robert Morse

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    This is NOT correct and I have no idea what you are talking about. The Webinar is free. It is always free. See-still free-

    Yes, if you sign up you will get a follow up email to ask if you want to open an account and might even get a call. You will also be offered a promotion. Lightspeed Trader is free as long as you trade $100/month in commission business. If you don't, you get charged the difference, plus a pass through of market data. "High pressure sales", not from Lightspeed.

    Your entire comment is made up and I don't appreciate it. If anyone else would like a demo, go to and say you heard about us from Elite Trader and I'll offer you the current promotion.

  3. Gambit


    Guys, Bob is a straight shooter. I've been a Lightspeed customer for about a year now and I've been impressed with their customer service and integrity.

    I understand everybody is averse to high pressure sales tactics on ET but Bob is not a high pressure salesman. Just my 0.002.

    Happy Holidays to everyone. Let's all chill and not "shoot the friendlies."
  4. True story. The extent of Bob's salesmanship is a kindly, "hey, shoot me a PM if you're interested in an account." If you take him up on that, it's an informative call with a very knowledgeable very willing to share his substantial knowledge here.
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