Lightspeed or Assent

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  1. I am considering opening a retail account with either Lightspeed or Assent. Both trading platforms are robust and great for scalping. Anyone willing to share their retail trading experience with either one? How easy is it to transfer funds in and out of the account? And is there a lock up period for the funds?

    Lightpeed published their rates, which are quite competitive.
    I didn't see Assent's retail rates yet. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I prefer Anvil (assents platform) to Lightspeed. My main grip with Lightspeed in two parts. 1) You cannot see the specialist when in slow quote mode. 2) Many keys are not mappable on the keyboard. Other than that lightspeed is great.
  3. Both are good platforms. However, I had numerous connection issues w/ Anvil. The problem occurred almost every other day and the IT guys always blamed it on my ISP. I really doubt this was the issue as there were number of other remote traders on ET that had similar problems. Lightspeed doesnt have nearly as many hotkey options but it's very reliable. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the feedback.

    Which charting program works with Lightspeed? Anvil's market maker window can link to eSignal charts. This is a very nice feature as the chart will automatically update in response to maket maker's changing stock symbol. Does anyone know if Lightspeed's maket maker has similar functions with eSignal?
  5. my friend loves anvil. only problem is short availablity. lightspeed has much better quantity of stocks to short than anvil; hands down. however,ANVIL has better stop loss options and anvil will hold/save an order when you shut down your system whereas Lightspeed automatically cancel's any orders when your system is shut down. you cannot keep any orders live in lightspeed once you shut down; anvil you can. also,anvil have much better filters.
    aside from those differences.lightspeed is very good with good customer service and its fast.
    i was going to look at lightspeed but am worried about not being able to shut down your system and keep an order live. thats a big downfall in my book.
  6. Yes, both programs have this link feature.