Lightspeed needs to fix there frozen quotes

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jnorty, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. jnorty


    As tons of notes on here have complained for 6 months plus lightspeed has a massive problem with stuck quotes when vol spikes. It seems to be a problem for remote people mostly. They've blamed the problem on peoples internet providers which is bunk. Its a great platform but the stuck quotes cost you huge $ when the mkt rocks. assent,genesis,echo nor most other vendors have this problem. its time for lightspeed to fix this.
  2. I can confirm this as do other traders I trade with. RediPlus has gone without skipping a beat and thus I made the switch from lightspeed.
  3. saico


    Yep, had the same problem again today shortly after 11 am est.
  4. I trade remote with genesis, they have stuck quotes. It's not that often (haven't seen them in a few weeks), but on something like MA or SKF, it can be pretty harmful.
  5. Yeah but today lightspeeds quotes stuck i bet 100 times easy. you can't put buy or sell orders in when it freezes. on a true panic you could be screwed huge. i can't understand why they can't fix it. i love the platform but if things don't get better i might have to leave
  6. Yeah that sucks. Same thing with Genesis, laser auto-cancels all market orders outside of it's lvl2, so if you have stuck quotes you're stuck. But, they have like 8 or so different quote servers, so if one is getting bad quotes, you can connect to another on the fly.

    Lightspeed doesn't have multiple quote servers?