Lightspeed Financial?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TicTalk, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. TicTalk


    I'am currently trading with RML who were recently aquired by Lightspeed Financial. Any trading info about Lightspeed wouid be appreciated.
  2. I recently visited a branch office of theirs in FL. Heard very good things about them from the traders using their platform. Supposedly only one slow data hour in 6 months.

    Having major problems with TradeStation lately...
  3. bozak


    I'm with RML as well. I was on Omni Pro, but that turned into a disaster at the end of last year (data about 3-4 seconds behind, frequent outages). I tried the LightSpeed platform, but it has almost nothing for options so now I'm on RealTick. RealTick is OK, but the monthly fees are very high. Are you still with RML? If so what platform are you on?
  4. TicTalk


    Still with RML and running the RealTick plattform. I had frequent stuck quotes during high volume periods and several outages, (plattform would freeze up). Traced to the time and sales set up screen, unchecking Show Bid/Ask solved the problem. Otherwise for a basic plattform its been alright. Yes, I agree the fees are very high. The gradient screens sold me. Hope the transition to Lightspeed is seamless.
  5. bozak


    Have you ever tried Instaquote? I've been on RealTick for 1 week now and I think it is just OK, but it really doesn't seem to justify the price. The options info is a step down from most platforms (the greeks and implied vol via the awkward "calculator"). What commissions and monthly fee are you paying for RealTick?
  6. bozak


    As far as the LightSpeed transition goes, I think there won't be any major changes. Kevin and Israel will still be the main contacts for the RML legacy accounts that are not using LightSpeed. If you did switch to the LightSpeed platform then you deal with a new set of people (all with heavy New York accents).
  7. TicTalk


    Have not tried instaquote yet, was thinking about it. LightSpeed transition has been seamless. My RealTick fees are $269.00 per month. RML fees didn't change $3.95 plus exchange fees. Are yours the same?
  8. Rocko1


    I've been with RML, no LightSpeed since Aug 07, on Quotetracker, trading only stocks.

    It's been very good so far. But I do have a concern with Penson, as their stock price's at only $11 right now. Anyone know what would happen to our money if Penson goes down financially?