lightspeed brain dead customer service

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  1. Twice I requested a demo and called again yesterday to see what the problem was. They told me that I'd have it in ten minutes. ONe hour later I called back and was told they would send it soon, that day. I was asking the sales rep a few questions about some of the terms on the site that I didn't understand. He acted like he didn't want to be bothered with explaining anything and at one point told me to google the stuff I didn't understand. Are you serious, they aren't going to pass up a potential customer that may spend hunderds of dollars in com. per day have an a hole like that blowing potential customers off with an attitude like that? Maybe I hit a lemon of a rep but it really makes me feel like how good is the rest of the team over there when I was treated like crap? I need to call back and talk to a supervisor because this idiot doesn't deserve to be working there with an attitude like that
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    They are all a bunch of idiots there, thankfully I dont have to call them very often. I have spoken to my manager about the people at this company, there used to be one guy named Mike Tressa who was good to deal with but he trades now. My comissions are in the hundreds of thousands each year at this company, basically each account that trades say over 200,000 shares a day should have one number to a relationship manager who handles all problems. Oh yeah one other good guy to deal with is George Torres who is one of the tech guys. I have been dealing with him for the last 11 years when he was a tech at broadway trading, then schonfeld and now finally lightspeed. One thing that lightspeed does good is thier quote speed I am constantly seeing lightspeed quotes ahead of my other crappy iqfeed setup.
  3. You are already lucky. Don't believe me? try it again, you might get the guy who actually verbally abuses you...haha, its a funny company