lightspeed beat ib in commision, arca is free

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by liulala, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. saico


    Went thru like water after Bear Stearns came out with the desaster report, which generated much more volume on most exchanges even than a fed anouncement.
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  2. i was talking about the arca charges not the commissions.... 120 dollars in arca per year is a fixed cost..of course commission savings are ultra important alogn wiht good fills. if you read my post..i said you guys do not pay atttention to detail and that is why I think so many here fail.
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  3. My understanding is that lightspeed goes down like clockwork on fed day at 2:18. Could you address that?
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    Then your understanding is wrong! Can't confirm that.
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  5. Thanks for the info. Why so touchy?

    I only asked because I saw it with my own eyes on another persons computer on a fed announcement. And he was expecting it because it had happened before. I merely wondered if it was like that for others.
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    Sorry Jay, I misunderstood you. I view all cost in the same light, including platfrom, data fees, commissions, etc. I break my cost down to the day, week, month, and year, with the monthly based on 20 trading days a month. I recently unsubscribed the e minis since they aren't needed for my style. Less then a few bucks for the trading day, but 360 per year. I'm sure many traders wouldn't sweat that. For myself, any unnecessary cost must be cut like a bad trade. Perhaps I should rephrase: I only sweat the cost's I don't need. Arca is a cost I need, and have no problem paying, though I liked it better when it was free.
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  7. The person you were watching was using Lightspeed's demo account. They turn the demo accounts off before fed meeting because of the increased volume.
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