lightspeed beat ib in commision, arca is free

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    Equities $0.00395 Per Share

    Market Data Fees (Per month/terminal) Professional Non Professional
    NYSE Level I* $127.25 $1.00
    NYSE Open Book $60.00 $60.00
    NASDAQ Level2 (NQDS) $50.00 $10.00
    NSDQ Book Depth $46.00 $11.00
    AMEX level I $30.20 $1.00

    ARCA $0 $0
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    i am quite pissed off that IB charges 10$ for arca per month

    apparently it is free
  4. Check again!

    Lightspeed's commissions are HIGHER than IB's.
  5. Thanks for the update... Its good to know whats available especially if your negotiating prices and can say "well thats not gonna happen because this is retail prices these days"..
  6. $ 109 for DJ? I get DJ from two sources for free.

    I wonder if it's different.
  7. Thanks for the link. Im not a fan of all-in-one accounts but published rates are ALWAYS useful in commission negotiations.

    For Emini futures, lightspeed is 2.09 per side ($1.14 exchange fees + .95 commission) or $4.18 RT all in. Versus 2.40 per side at IB or 4.80 RT all in... a 12.9% lower cost per RT over IB, based on PUBLISHED rates.

  8. you hit liquidity on lightspeed you're at .008 when you include the .003 taking fee and sec fees and there other bs fee's. its hard to beat ib's .005 all in rate . not to mention when fed funds were 5% ib paid around 5% and lightspeed for less than 100k was paying like 1%. there credit and debt rates are horrid. got to look at the whole package. ib's futures rates suck, anyone paying more than $4.25 r/t is getting can get $4.25 with no vol and no software fees at a lot of places. shop around
  9. i personally shopped around and I found lightSpeed to be my best find so far, for two reasons:

    1) Their 0.00395 commision is very good for retail. Although IB seems to have a good rate too ..

    2) Lightpeed platform is C++ and much faster than any JAVA platform ...

    Although ANVIL is a very good platfrom (Assent)

    I liked their sales and tech support environemnt. I have PM with multiple people using LightSpeed and theya re quite happy with them ....
  10. Are Lightspeed accounts SIPC protected? Where is your money held?
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