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  1. jeffweng


    After spending two hours searching information about lightspeed API on elitetrader, I still don't see any valuable information about lightspeed API.
    Here are something I have got so far:
    1. Lightspeed doesn't have a API, instead, they use lightspeed gateway.
    2. Lightspeed Gateway is using some socket technology to 'response' your request.
    3. Some say you need to signup with Gateway to get their API documents.
    4. Basically, the Lightspeed trading platform is fast, stable, considered as top-notch by many. But the CS is bad.

    I'm wondering if I am the only one looking for this? Can anyone share their knowledge or experience on this topic? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  2. Bob111


    what was your question?
    socket technology is pretty straight forward.
    can't you just contact them and request for a demo acc and documentation?
    i might consider them as an alternative to IB,but haven't contact them yet. not so sure about "stable". I've heard exact opposite,that's why i'm not in big hurry to switch..
  3. jeffweng


    Thanks Bob for you reply.

    I was just asking anyone who has experience with lightspeed API to share me some information. It's just a little strange that nobody on this site really discuss it like Anvil's API or IB's API. Sometimes a discussion by a group of developers is much helpful than official documents.
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  5. jeffweng


    Yes. I have benefited a great deal from both of these sites. Also when I was working on Anvil, a thread here helped me even more than their supporting team.

    And that's why I looked for same thing for lightspeed API.
    No luck so far.

    Thanks again for your input.
    You seem have done a lot of work on those APIs.
  6. Bob111


    to be honest with you-i have no idea how many guys on ET are actually do trade and how many of them trade thru API or whatever automation they use.

    there is probably hundreds of IB users here,on ET(they all jump in ,bashing IB ,when disconnection or some other major problem happens)..but other than that...they just either blind or don't care or didn't trade often.
    the good example is one of my posts about IB's problem with zeroes.
    i've been talking about it here for 2 years. posting numerous screen shoots. just couple other guys notice this imo very basic,but important issue.(finally got fixed last week). did you get my point?
  7. jeffweng


    Exactly! I have been there before.
  8. Bob111


    i would appreciate, if you post your experience with lightspeed and their api here,because as i said-i'm planning to open an account with them. the more detailed-the better :)
    did you checked yahoo groups or contact to them directly about documentation and demo?
  9. jeffweng


    I would definitely like to share as soon as i get it.
  10. lrm


    Lightspeed makes you sign an NDA before you can see anything related to the API. Call them up, tell them you're interested, sign the NDA, and you'll get ample information to evaluate what they have. It's easy as pie and takes < 1 day to get the NDA, sign it, and get it back to them.

    In terms of technology, I'd take the Lightspeed API and market data platform over IB's any day. If you're serious about automated trading of equities then the small investment to get the real info from Lightspeed is well worth it.

    Take care,

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