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  1. i was wondering, what your experience with lightspeed, i heard it was created from the same people anvil.

    let me know what you guys like and dislike

    and also what your personal opinion on the best software out there
  2. Learn to search previous posts first, my grasshopper .:p I alone wrote brief synopsis about my experience with lightspeed twice in the past year.

    Lightspeed is as good as it can get for stock scalpers and those into earnings plays (but gosh, couldn't stand its ugly layouts). If you can't make money trading stocks on lightspeed, you probably can't on any platform.

    For futures, X_Trader by far.
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    I traded on Light Speed for 5 years and am now trading on Anvil. Light Speed is stable and extremely fast platform. Great for scalping or longer term trading. You can set up your platform however you choose. The downside is the charts that came with the platform sucked.

    Anvil is like Light Speed on steroids. My platform is set up almost exactly as it was on Light Speed. It is rock solid and executions are instantaneous. Of course there are occasional problems as there are everywhere, the difference with Anvil is the problems are addressed immediately. Assent is a great firm. I use E-signal for charts. If given the choice between the two I would choose anvil in a heartbeat.

    In the end its your decisions that will determine your fate. :)
  4. I use Lightspeed for scapling and intraday days. Its speed is instaneous...incredibly fast. It's technical/studies are poor looking but we sacrifice technicals for speed. Some of my buddies use esignal and tradestation for technicals but i'm just looking to put on 1500-2500 shares for a fast scalp. Everyone trades differently you just have to choose your weapons according to your style...i just like it fast!!!

  5. Is lightspeed available to the professional trader only or is it also available to the retail trader? What brokerage firms offer the lightspeed platform for scalping for retail traders?

    Thank you
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    To you guys who have used Lightspeed.

    Is there a way to keep the order box loaded after an order is sent (to send multiple orders at different prices without having to open a new box)?

    Is there a way to color code orders by long and short? Kinda tough when all orders are the same color.

  7. retail / professional, i guess you have to ask lightspeed but just meet the legal guidelines for pattern day trader.

    Coloring orders, i don't know...
  8. You can link the eSignal charts with the Lightspeed platform now. See the integration video at You can also get a discount on eSignal by calling Lightspeed directly.
  9. hey guys

    I'm non professional trader...lightspeed has high low ticker, rsi,'s very user friendly.

    My favorite is premarket charting and high/low ticker(which is very progammable) I trade the events of the morning and day but usuall looking for gap fills or break outs. There are prettier platforms w/ better looking features and indicators but like I said i'm intraday so they don't mean much to me except for fibs extensiona ns retracements....

    interesteding market these dayss....
  10. yeah...i think anvil and LS are very similar...probabaly similar parties as welll.

    Things I need to trade:
    premarket charting
    hot keys
    high low ticker
    fib's rsi sometimes bollinger bands
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