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    What does paper on the bid/ local on the offer mean?
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    While we are on the subject can anyone suggest any good books on energy trading? I just got "Fundamentals of Trading Energy Futures and Options" and it sucks.. its basicly a intro to futures book which has a list of energy contracts in the back. :mad:
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  3. Looking for a book is great, But oil is extremly news driven. You need to always be on the top of news and reports.

    things like middle east and nigeria situation , supply and demand reports, OPEC meeting and ... can move oil price very quickly...
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  5. if the caller is a good one he will say the name of the firm (s) doing paper ...

    ( i.e. goldman , etc )
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  6. since JP Morgan merged with the Federal Reserve...who knows what energy will do....

    witness the $7 pounding the nat. gas market took on 8 consecutive days when Morgan announced it was dabbling in a then $15 ....

    no wonder.... Greenspan all of a suddenly starting whining about nat. gas prices in late ' the fix was in....

    what Morgan can't control yet, is hurricanes, ......yet
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