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    Does anyone listen to a squawk box or any other news while trading. I dont have a tv by my computer but I was wondering if there was anything else to listen to online that would assist me in trading light sweet oil.

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    I have traded from the beach with a Cell phone and no computer as successfully as sitting in front of 4 screens and Bloomberg!

    The OP asked for a suggestion for a NYMEX Squawk, I certainly apologize if my sarcastic response regarding TV bothers you.

    No need for you to get your panties in a bunch there.

    PS: I have just a few Years of practice.
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    Is there anything else besides having the nymex squawk box that would be useful when trading light sweet oil?
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    Perhaps you are already aware of it, Joe, but there might be other readers who aren't...

    Every Wednesday morning (unless there is a Holiday on Monday, and then it is published on Thursday) the US government publishes market moving petroleum inventory data. You can find it here:

    Or, you can have a TV in your trading room and listen to them announce the numbers on CNBC. :D

    Aaron Schindler
    Schindler Trading
  8. joe ... some oil traders swear by the book
    the logical trader

    it is not easy stuff and perhaps the edge is only there for local floor traders and people whose trades clear with
    the firm whose main principal wrote the book

    good luck

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    Are people trading the May miNY contracts now or the april. When do you know to make the switch.
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