Liffe - The True Power Of The Algos

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  1. hello to all my friends in the market.

    thanks for your usual comments of support which ranged from ' adapt or die ' - ' stop whinging ' etc etc.

    just a little bit more information about algos and the business they do.

    just picked this up from rsj website telling us all how great they are and amazingly the fantastic volumes they do.

    absolutey staggering is all i can say.

    i dont believe liffe publish these figures and im amazed rsj do but here we go.

    sterling 2.5 to 3 million lots per month and 40 percent of all business.

    liffe 4 million lots per month and 25% percent of all business.

    anyway here is the link.








  2. Surprise Surprise, yet more moaning about Algos....Yawn.
  3. predictable repsonse from another superstar trader making millions

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  4. TsunTzu


    That can't be healthy can it. I wonder at what percentage it would have to get to before the exchange or indeed regulators took an interest.
  5. precisely.

    this is not healthy all round.

    plus the fact that one of the directors of this company originally worked for liffe developing their own system for them in the early days according to an original article in of the old traders magazine.

    any one individual doing 25% to 40% of a whole exchange is a big issue.

  6. TsunTzu


    I have been thinking about this a bit more and on face value you would think that doing 76.8% of the eonia, they must be trading with themselves. However they must be taking thier volume figures and comparing them to the exchange figures, so in actual fact as a % of the market you would have to half them numbers. Which makes them look slighty less unpaletable.
  7. well this is another issue.

    you are not allowed to trade with yourself.

    but they are as market makers.

    and doing the volume they are a false market is created.

    they are continually trading with themselves.

    i guestimate 80 to 90 percent of any working bid / offer is not actually genuinely trading.

    i continually work a volume of say an odd 37 lots or 58 lots with orders of 3 to 4 thousand.

    they print as a 1 or 2 thousand lot trading at that price and i dont deal.

    nothing not a one lot.

    must be someone trading with themselves.

    it happens all the time.



    what a bollocks statement given this scenario
  8. Nice example of an unhealthy customer base
  9. The only surprise is that you're still posting here after making a total prick of yourself.

    Where are you from these days?
  10. Keep posting beaker -I appreciate the info.

    Your childish adversaries reveal themselves every time they post -they really don't get it.

    Wouldn't this be a great opportunity for another exchange to steal the LIFFE contracts. Same specs, better regulation and barring RSJ -who wouldn't swap exchanges for the opportunity to trade such a market???

    As for LIFFE -anyone for a class action suit?
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