Liffe - Illegal Trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by THE-BEAKER, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Now i do not claim to be a lawyer or have any legal credentials but after trading the euribor strip for 8 years i can no longer tolerate the pathetic volume on bids or offers and then the disappearing of large size bids or offers for nothing to trade.

    in my book that is marlet manipulation.

    an in accordance with their own rules which i have displayed below i believe i am right.

    what does anyone else think?

    most of the points below seem to rule in my favour.

    8104/1 In conducting business for itself or on behalf of its Clients, a Member must not engage in, knowingly facilitate or fail to take reasonable steps to prevent:
    (i) any action or any course of conduct that has the effect, or may be expected to have the effect, of artificially and/or abnormally moving the price or value of any Admitted Financial Instrument or any instrument underlying an Admitted Financial Instrument or the level of any index of which an Admitted Financial Instrument is a component;
    (ii) entering artificial orders or otherwise entering into or causing any artificial Transaction;
    (iii) reporting a fictitious Transaction or any other false data to Euronext or causing such data to be input into any Euronext system;
    (iv) any action or any course of conduct that creates or may reasonably be expected to create any false or misleading impression as to the market in, or price or value of, any Admitted Financial Instrument;
    (v) any other action or any other course of conduct that may damage the integrity and the transparency of any of the Euronext Markets; or
    (vi) agreeing or acting in concert with, or providing any assistance to, any Person (whether or not a Member) with a view to or in connection with any action or course of conduct referred to in paragraphs (i) to (v) inclusive of this Rule 8104 or otherwise causing or contributing to a breach of any applicable Rule by such other Person